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Increase your sales with advertising

As the largest ecommerce marketplace in the world, Amazon processes massive amounts of data about its users and produces valuable insights on your target audience. This opens immense opportunities for advertisers and Amazon sellers that want to reach customers on and off the Amazon marketplace.


As a certified Amazon Ads Partner, we at Paragon help businesses maximise their advertising ROI through a variety of strategies – from Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands to Sponsored Display and Amazon DSP.

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How amazon advertising works?

There are currently 5 types of advertising available on Amazon platform:

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Sponsored Products

This is the most common type of advertising. It promotes individual products to appear on the search results.

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This type of advertising lets sellers leverage the use of banners and video ads featuring your brand logo, a custom headline, and a handful of products.

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Sponsored DISPLAY

These traditional banner ads placed in high-traffic locations on web pages, creating brand awareness and generating click-throughs on and off the Amazon marketplace.

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Capture the attention of scrolling visitors with a branded video about your product. This is a highly effective way to reach new audiences and incentive brand loyalty.

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This platform offers Video and Audio advertising on and off Amazon. Particularly good to reach large audiences and to create brand awareness.

Is Amazon Ads right for you?

When advertising on Amazon, you open up a world of potential for your business. You can launch and promote new products, increase visibility, and drive up-sales. You can also inform potential customers about complementary products they may be interested in. Amazon Ads is a powerful marketing tool that can reach a large audience, bring more sales, and build a strong bottom line for your business.

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Sellers considering expanding to new markets should launch advertising campaigns that are set in the local language. Only locals will know how other peers will search for your products, after all. Hence having a multilingual team on your side is a huge plus!

For brands, advertising on Amazon can help increase your market share, target your competitor's audience, and suggest your brand as an alternative. Not to mention, it will also protect your position on the marketplace. So if you're not selling on Amazon, now is the time to start.

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Advertising is essential for boosting sales and improving product rankings. By increasing your ad spend you generate even more sales, which in turn will improve your profit margins. Larger margins allow you to spend more on advertising and continue to grow your business!

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Reach (Even) More Customers With Amazon DSP

Looking to efficiently reach shoppers on Amazon sites and across the web? With Amazon DSP advertisers can target shoppers on the marketplace and beyond, reaching larger audiences through banners and video ads. Advertisers can buy display ads on other websites, mobile apps, and devices that are either owned by Amazon or by an Amazon partner.


When used in tandem with the Amazon Ad Console (i.e. PPC), Amazon DSP allows brands to do what’s known as full funnel marketing.If you're looking for a powerful and data-driven tool to advertise across the web, mobile apps and devices, Amazon DSP is the perfect solution. It's not just for Amazon sellers! - anyone can use it to promote their products or services. With Amazon DSP, you can target your ads to specific audiences and get the most bang for your buck.

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