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What's Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP is a powerful tool that allows advertisers to reach Amazon shoppers on Amazon sites, across the web, mobile apps, and other Amazon devices. By partnering with Amazon, brands can take advantage of full funnel marketing, which is a highly effective way to reach potential customers at every stage of the buying journey.

This is an ad platform that is specifically designed to engage off-Amazon audiences and bring them to Amazon. Through the DSP network you can also send viewers to a specific landing page on your website, not only your Amazon product listing or Brand Store.

Where are the Ads displayed?

These ads can be found in many different forms, including mobile banner ads, mobile interstitial ads, desktop display ads, in-stream video ads, image and text ads, and many more. Any vendor and third-party seller can use Amazon DSP to create brand awareness and retarget potential customers.

The Different Types of Amazon DSP Ads Amazon DSP ads can appear in any of the following forms:

  • Amazon marketplaces (i.e.,, etc)

  • Fire TV

  • IMDb

  • Freedive (IMDb Streaming)

  • Kindle

  • Apps

  • Published Partners

  • Third Party

  • Published Partners

The Different Types of Amazon DSP Ads Amazon DSP ads can appear in any of the following forms:

  • Desktop Display Ads

  • Mobile Banners Ads

  • Mobile Interstitial Ads

  • Image & Text Ads

  • In-stream Video Ads

Customization through user-built audiences

Ever wanted to build an audience to target customers who bought a product from your brand in the past but not in the past 9 months? You can do that through Amazon DSP.

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Ever wanted to build an audience to target people who buy from your competitors? You can do that through Amazon DSP.

Would your product be perfect for people who have just recently purchased a winter coat? A baby monitor? Wine glasses? Grab those ASINs and build an audience through Amazon DSP. Building these audiences is a newer feature to DSP.

Our team is highly skilled in building unique audiences for your brands to help increase new customer acquisition.

Retargeting capabilities at hand

Gaining new customers is vital for brand growth. However, having recurrent customers is a cheaper way to scale your sales, as those customers already trust your brand. While brand awareness campaigns are aimed toward educating consumers on your product, campaigns focused on recurrent customers have a much higher return.

Cross-sell complementary products to site visitors or previous customers.

Re-engage people who have visited your site to increase brand awareness.

Educate previous site visitors or customers about new products they may like.

Remind previous customers when they’ll need to repurchase your product.

With all these targeting options and the massive detailed coverage Amazon data provides, you’re bound to find your brand’s next loyal fans.

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Where is Amazon DSP available?

North America




South America












Middle East



Asia Pacific





Amazon's demanda side platform is not just for brands selling on Amazon

Amazon DSP is perfect for Vendors and Sellers who want to drive brand awareness off the Amazon marketplace. Particularly for categories that don’t see much traffic or for launching products into new markets.

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While Amazon's DSP has been shown to be highly effective for brands already selling on the site, it's important to remember that brands not currently selling on Amazon can also benefit from using DSP. By utilising Amazon's first-party data, brands in different verticals can give their marketing strategy a boost.

For example, financial institutions and credit card companies can target ads to a specific audience that fits a certain criteria, and travel agencies and airlines can use Amazon audiences to target people who have shown an interest in travel. Even though cars are not currently sold on Amazon marketplace, car companies and dealers can make use of DSP to help bring awareness to customers in a specific area that are showing interest in buying a new car or automobiles in general.

These are just a few but powerful examples of the enormous capabilities and potential within reach for advertisers on Amazon DSP.

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